01 September 2008

Things You Need to Know

I am officially extending Labor Day. Therefore, faithful C&E's, no laboring needed.  But we still have a big week ahead of us.  Get moving. 
  • Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring 2009. Clear your calendars, ignore Winter, proceed directly to Spring. Eat a hamburger in front of the starving models. Wonder if Anna will smile ($100 says no).  Parties start 9/4, shows start bright and early at 9am, Friday, September 5. 
  • The Pope is sad. And angry.  The Pope does not like Kermit the Frog crucified.  I don't want Kermit crucified either but I just think the Pope has bigger things to worry about. Like, oh, the Sudan? Human rights in China? Katrina 2.0? Just a thought. 
  • On occasion, our formerly beloved Daily Candy redeems itself and shows us something totally fabu. C&E's everywhere should rejoice over these SuperGirl rain boots from Shuella.  They will save your Louboutins and that's all that matters. 
  • We like having a Bed Buddy. Because we like sex. All good C&E's should.  But there is that rare occasion when our current BB needs...direction. Direction beyond "move your hands HERE and do THIS." If your BB of the moment thinks the best moves are found in Hollywood films or bad porn, and leaves you wanting to do laundry (can you imagine??) instead of him - or her, it's time to take action in a not so subtle way. Send them to Fleshmap (NSFW). If they still can't get it right, send them far, far away. (Thrillist)
  • Sometimes, when Venus aligns with Mercury in Gemini's house of love, something good happens in a part of NYC that we often ignore. Like when Good World Bar & Grill opened in no man's land between the LES and Chinatown. Or how late one night we stumbled into Winnie's and found our inner Deborah Harry.  Or when we realized saying "Les Enfants Terribles" in a perfect French accent - bien sur! - was way better than the food they served, but still cool. Sometimes, something even surprises Cheap and Evil Girl. We have high hopes for Apotheke despite the excessive pre-opening PR.  Thrillist shares the drink menu.  Get there before the masses, throw caution to the wind and have fun with the Absinthe, dear C&E's.  Apotheke, 9 Doyers Street (btw Pell and Bowery); 212 406 0400.

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