18 September 2008

Catch A Piece of...

...Maine. Yeah yeah, not like, own a piece of land. More like have your own personal - and handsome - lobsterman catch you a few yummy sea creatures and ship them off to you.  Catch A Piece of Maine, started by brothers John and Brendan Ready (mmm, just how ready, I wonder) offers two levels of partnerships:
  • Catch a Piece of Maine Partnership - essentially, you own the trap and everything that ends up in it. Someone else does the work and ships all the good stuff, plus extras, to you. A full year partnership will cost $2,995 and get you at least 13 tasty lobster bakes delivered anywhere you choose.  Meaning, 13 times a year you'll receive via next day shipping four 1 1/2 pounder lobsters, 1lb Maine Steamers, 1lb Maine mussels, 4 servings of a homemade dessert from local purveyors (so think blueberry pie....), lobster bibs, utensils - the works kids. Plus a photograph and bio of your lobsterman and a map of where your tasty little critters were caught. Do the math, it's actually a great deal.
  •  Share a Piece of Maine - think "Hamptons Share" without the hassle.  For $249 you get a "share" of the catch from one one of the lobstermen. And like above, all of the goodies for a fabulous lobster bake. A one time only thing, but still amazing value. 
Eat up kids. 

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