23 December 2008

Lucas Cocktail: 3 Parts Sugarplums and 2 Parts Lithium.

Seems like George Lucas has more than sugarplums dancing in his head. Or maybe he invested too much with Madoff. Yes, Star Wars: A Musical Journey will soon be here. Replace the Rockettes with Ewoks and Wookies and we get a Galaxy-wide Spectacular. Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick as Yoda and Luke? Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise as Lea and Vader? And who will play Jabba?

14 December 2008

Top Headline News.

Scandal in Illinois? Nope. Big 3 bailout? uh-huh.  Kenny Shopsin? Hello, that was soooo Y2K (there was a documentary done on him ages ago).  Gwyneth Paltrow's new breasts? Close, but not quite.   See below:
Cause, you know, nothing else important happened this week that could possibly be newsworthy. Nada. Zip.

11 December 2008

Where the Wild Things Are.

Brilliant. And rarely do I bestow that upon ANYONE.  I want a dogfish. Seriously. (That guy is pretty hot, too). 

Pretty Things.

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God, it's been a long time. Was off and running and now I'm back. Fear not.

Michael Phelps is sort of like George W. Bush (January not too far away)...he just won't go away and is incredibly annoying.  What's up with that? Seriously.  If they would just put him on display from the neck down, a bag over his head, all would be good (hit "mute" to avoid Beckham Syndrome).  Kelly Slater - an ENTIRELY different story. It's a package deal my dear C&E's. Bask in the glory of the surfing god.