02 September 2008

Mmmmm. My Type of Man.

"The Old Horned Deity" is the type of guy that every C&E wants to be with. Artist Dennis McNett will have a solo exhibition beginning 9/19 at The Stanton Chapter that places our favorite trouble-maker front and center:

"Harsh, fluid collaged wood-cut print landscapes of gnarly trees, vibrant skies, birds of prey, hidden critters and overgrown foliage will cover three walls of the gallery from floor to ceiling. Complementing this landscape will be larger than life print covered sculptures of a leopard, a wolf, trees and an eagle swooping down from the gallery ceiling.

Pan was known to arouse suspicion or panic depending on his intentions. He was the god of woods and pastures, the mountain peaks and rocky crests. The show is an interpretation of the inspiration of nature aroused by Pan."
Opening reception starts at 7PM on Friday, 9/19 at The Stanton Chapter, 176 Stanton Street (btw Clinton and Attorney) and runs through October 15. For more information, contact Steve Rodriguez, steve@5boro.com, 917.568.7717.

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