21 October 2008

If You Don't Like Something Change It.

Two (2) weeks, people. 14 days. 336 hours. And counting. Election Day - Tuesday, November 4 we have to make a change.  A big one. Stir up the system. Right the wrongs. It's inevitable. And, quite honestly, our future depends on it.  

I KNOW all of you C&E's are registered and ready. But we still need to remind people that one has to show up and vote to make something happen.  And there are two fabulous groups out there making sure everyone is on top of things:
  • Several intensely talented and creative people from Poke and Mother (and elsewhere) teamed up to create SpellingChange.com to spread awareness of and support Obama's campaign. So if you can remember your ABC's, create a word. A letter.  Just say SOMETHING. 
  • Our friends on the West Coast are also up to some neat tricks. "People in the Middle for Obama" wants to talk to you.  You - "non-partisan, non-ideological, common-sense middle ground." Independents, Republicans, Democrats. People who represent all groups - who have decided to vote for Obama. Want to share your story? Send photo and the below info to MiddleforObama@gmail.com: Name, Age, Sex, Occupation, State of Residence, Marital Status, Children, Political Affiliation, and your story - Who are you? What are the issues you care about the most? Why have you decided to vote for Obama?
Get out there people. Time is short - make sure you are heard!

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