03 October 2008

Been Caught Stealing.

Someone else's clothes.  It's a rare moment when Cheap & Evil Girl wears clothes other than hers. But in a perfectly folded pile on the shelf in the closet are about 4 pairs of sweatpants that do not belong to me (sweatpants are great for relaxing in after conquering the world).  Not the Juicy "track suits" we have come to know and love. No. We are talking the grey, drawstring, no pockets, loose, washed and worn, elastic at the ankle, maybe a team name or university in now peeling letters and - oh - did I mention they belong to an ex-boyfriend and are 3-4 sizes too big? (Actually, several ex-boyfriends). Yeah THOSE sweats. Almost impossible to find lately, unless you stealthily abscond with a well-used pair from your current bed-buddy. Until now. 

J. Crew has brought back the classic graphic fleece sweatpant and was considerate enough to realize that women everywhere would probably do alot of "borrowing" with no intention of ever returning, so some extra inventory in smaller sizes is available. Choose between Graphic Fleece No. 12 in graphite (that would be old-school heathered grey) or Graphic Fleece No. 7 in faded black. For a sweet $59.50. 

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