15 August 2008

Cheap & Evil Conquers "The Warehouse"

Cheap and Evil fashionistas are ready to do battle in scorching temps for the best of couture at Barney's Warehouse Sale in NYC 14 August - 1 September. The available goods will make any girl rationalize yet another Carolina Herrera gown - it's a given your next black tie will be with the same crowd and repeats are no-no for any self-respecting C&E.  And, it's the perfect time to practice your best C&E behavior: "Excuse me, that jacket is a size 2 and you can't get your arm in it.  May I have it please?"  "You are just swimming in that Marc Jacobs trench.  Why don't you go snack on your daily carrot stick while I hold on to it for you."

Fight for the goods, ladies, take no hostages. Endure. 

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